Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kicking Off 2012

It's nearly a month since the last blog entry.  During these past few weeks, I've had some "once in a lifetime" moments: namely, my first cruise ever.  We went to the Caribbean, with stops at Grand Turk; San Juan, Puerto Rico; St. Thomas; and an island called Half Moon Cay owned by the cruiseline.  We saw wonderful beaches, great sights (including a SkyRide on St. Thomas), and ate way too much delicious food.  The best part, of course, was spending time with my husband's parents.

By the crowning of 2012 we were back home, and it's now time to buckle down.  First project?  I've installed Skype if you need to see that I really am a professional.  (My Skype id is sharon.felton18).  Second project?  I purchased a software upgrade and am soon to be the proud owner of Microsoft Office 2010.  I selected the package that includes Publisher (trademark), so one further item in my arsenal is that I am capable of producing a newsletter for your company with a quick turnaround. 

Within the next few days, a magazine called Catalyst will be distributed to some 10,000 technology and business managers around greater Nashville.  I have an ad there and expect my business to kick into high gear shortly.  Training is such an important element in today's workplaces, especially considering that with reduced budgets, employees are often asked to shoulder even more responsibilities than they were previously assigned.  Managers are watching the bottom line, of course (just as the majority of us are watching all sorts of political fireworks sputter and fizzle).

Here is my message, as briefly as I can manage.  Your employees will benefit from engaged training, and I am a reasonably-priced solution to provide that dynamic classroom training.  If I don't have a course already on the books, I am skilled at developing a curriculum to meet your business' needs.  Let me know what you need.

Let's talk about compliance courses and productivity-enhancing training:
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention
  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • Substance Abuse policy
  • Anti-Bullying -- so important these days!
  • Customer Service
  • Performance Management & Coaching.  I can add in Progressive Discipline if that is the method your company utilizes
  • Email Etiquette
Both staff and management may benefit from a course in Business Writing that Works!  And if you want an intensive compendium of professional development classes, I'll be ready to offer a ten course series, some forty hours in total, by Spring.

Finally, on another note, don't overlook the need for a talented editor.  Contact me; I am ready, willing, and able to help:  Visit the website as well.

I'll try not to wait another month before the next blog post.  Enough for now!

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