Monday, December 12, 2011

Let's call this post "My, how time flies!"  With good intentions to blog at least three times a week, I have a look at the calendar and realize that I have not entered a post here since Thanksgiving -- and to be honest, even that post was excusing myself due to family / holiday commitments.  (The dressing was yummy, btw).

But because I have been busy, let me just record here that I have been engaged in curriculum development.  After networking with a friend who has an established training business, she gave me an idea that I should develop an entire series of supervisory training classes.  Well, it's an excellent -- and do-able -- project.  There are a couple of core classes I would need to develop.  So that's what I've been working on.  For instance, a core concern for good management training is how to handle conflict.  Naturally, conflicts arise in even the most collegial workplace atmospheres.  A talented manager will know how to handle subordinates who are experiencing a disagreement, as well as how to defuse a potentially explosive situation based on news he or she must deliver to his/her staff.  So over this past week, I have been engaged in curriculum development.  Let me tell you, that process is both grueling and exciting.  I am pleased with the product I have developed, and it is uniquely my own, including exercises and activities.

The next course I will be working on will be a meaningful class in communication skills.  A central concept in conflict resolution is effective listening, so it makes sense that the next course should focus on effective communication.  I will admit right now that as we approach the holidays, there will be another large block of time -- as much as two weeks or more -- in which I will not be putting fingers to blog posts.  But as we move past the beloved holidays and into the bright, new, fresh 2012, let me just quote from Arnold Schwartzenegger: All'll be baccckkkkk. 

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a relaxing and energizing new year to you.  Cheers!

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