Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 22, 2011

Because you already know that this week is devoted to family and to a happy Thanksgiving holiday for all (you, too!), I thought I would include a great photo I found instead of text for today's blog post.  Once I decided on the name of "eye train" for this blog, I went Googling to see if there were any photos that might appeal to both the "eye" part and the "train" part.  Well, I didn't locate a "train" part as in professional training / teaching / enlightening folks, but I did find this photo which I liked a great deal.  It's from a train station in Japan, and the photographer gave me her permission to post it.

Hope you enjoy it too.  Based on the advice of some of my networking friends, I am now considering an adjustment to the schedule of classes I will be offering.  But more on that later as the new product develops.  Today, I'll be making cornbread and biscuits for Thursday's dressing. 

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